Easy get your WordPress posting volume data

It is possible to get the stats on when you post manually but that can take a long time, especially if you have a large blog with many posts. Post Volume Stats quickly compiles all your stats for you to collect. The table of data can be viewed on screen and downloaded as a CSV file.

Post Volume Stats collects your posting data for you to collect easily

Graphical representations of your WordPress posting patterns.

Stats such as the number of posts per author, year, month, day-of-the-month, hour of the day and day-of-the-week are shown in bar charts. There is also a bar chart to show the range of words-per-post. The tags and categories are displayed in pie charts on the main Post Volume Stats page.

Post Volume Stats presents the data in barcharts, pie charts and line graphs

Compare tags, categories and custom taxonomy use over the years.

The tag, category and custom taxonomy pages allow you to select the specific tags or categories you want to examine. You can then plot them in a line graph and export the graph and/or list of data into a blog post.

Compare tags, categories and custom taxonomy over several years with the Post Volume Stats line graphs

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Post Volume Stats

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